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1. What genres are acceptable?

TNFF accepts all scripted narrative genres, including music videos, Animation, LGBTQ, Scripts Short/Feature  and documentaries. Films have no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions that impact Festival eligibility and may have been screened at any number of festivals or other public theatrical exhibitions, broadcast or streamed on television or the Internet, and/or released via any home video or other public distribution platform anywhere in the world.

2. How Do I submit my film?

All submissions are handled via FilmFreeway. We accept submissions by email let us know.

Click here to submit via FilmFreeway.

3. How long should be the duration of my film for qualification?

We accept projects between 1-190 minutes including credits.

4. My film is in foreign language "No ENGLISH"  Will you accept it?

We’re so proud to be an international short film festival Based in New York City USA and we welcome all foreign language projects. However, please ensure your short film has English subtitles (MANDATORY) for the purposes of our screening.

5. I live outside of United States. Can I still submit my film?

Of course you certainly can! The North Film Festival - New York City (TNFF) is open for all nationalities.

6. Does the festival provide free waivers code to submit films?

Submissions are handled via FilmFreeway for a small submission fee. Submissions Fees go towards judging your short film and running the live screening event for the selected short films. We don’t provide free waiver codes. Please Understand this!

7. Can I submit my film without using FilmFreeway?

YES, you can do that in our website only it is not as intuitive as we wanted, also you can PayPal us:  with the amount fee and all the information of your film and links but WE REALLY suggest to do it via FilmFreeway. Click Below!

8. Will I received feedback about my film?

We are so sorry Due to the amount of submissions we receive each month, we are unable to provide individual feedback for each submission.

9. Do I need to own all the rights of my film?

YES...YES...YES. Please ensure you have permission to use all aspects of your short film including music and so. We’re unable to screen short films that are a breach of copyright. and you as a filmmaker are entitled of that responsibility.

10. Is it possible to submit an episode from a web-series or a pilot for a TV show?

YES...We accept single episodes of web-series as long it runs as a short narrative episode. We do accept pilots for TV shows, you can submit it as a shortfilm category.

11. When will I be notified if my film has been selected?

We will be adding the names of the selected films. Go to: - Usually withing a month we will notified but keep in mind the date of notification on Filmfreeway.

12. Will the festival pay for my expenses to attend to the festival?

NO, NO and NO, We will not do THAT! Please note, you will be totally responsible for your airfare, accommodation and other travel expenses. We certainly look forward to meeting you in NEW YORK CITY Nov 15 - 18  - 2023!

13. Does the festival pay me any fee for screening my film?
The festival will not pay any fee for screening a selected film during our event days.

TNFF-NYC Our Statement for filmmakers participating!

THE NORTH FILM FESTIVAL - NEW YORK CITY is committed to allowing
attendees to experience the Film Festival free of harassment, racism, discrimination, sexism and
threatening or disrespectful behavior. We totally reserve the right to revoke,
without notice or refund, credentials or access to Festival events and venues
for those who engage in such horrible conduct.

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